We specialize in developing Web and Windows applications and tools that connect to your Sage MAS 90/200 database.  We use the Providex read-only ODBC driver, which protects the integrity of your database from inadvertant updates and/or deletions. We also develop tools and scripts to safely migrate your data from MAS to internal and/or external clients.

We provide a secure Test environment for those clients needing custom development.  When an application or tool is ready to be implemented in Production, we will assist you in getting that job done.

We will be soon offering our applications and tools for sale.  One such tool is called 'Quick Labels'. This tool allows you to scan a Sales Order bar code from a Pick Sheet and have a label printed out immediately, without any further User intervention.  You will be able to download this tool, and others, from our website --- soon. Why develop it when you can buy it inexpensively?

We are now expanding into nopCommerce customization and integration. nopCommerce is a very popular open source e-commerce package.  It is an excellent standalone e-Commerce system, in terms of shopping cart, authorizing transactions, processing orders and shipping, etc.  However, it was not designed to integrate into MAS --- and there is no 'off the shelf' tool to do it.  So, you have to develop that tool yourself. Well, save yourself the trouble.  We are actively working on these integration tools.  These tools are coming soon.

As you can see, our site is just now getting set up. So, please don't be fooled by the simplicity of our site.  We will be making continuous improvements in the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks for visiting our site.  For further inquiries, contact me via e-mail: zencode@hotmail.com

Terry Cox, Owner
Zencode Software Solutions
Las Vegas, Nevada