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Zencode Systems

Zencode Systems provides an innovative software suite of applications, designed for the distribution and shipping industry. Our Web and other console applications connect directly to the customer’s ERP system --- wherever it is located --- over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) --- or we can install our  server right onto your Intranet --- to solve common distribution and shipping  problems.

The software is offered on a pay-for-use, transactional basis.

Using Zencode Systems software is an inexpensive way to get access to the innovative and powerful web applications you need today. You will have access to our full suite of applications, and you only get billed for what you use.

Give us a try. If you sign up to be a registered test site for us, you will receive several nice benefits, including reduced or free service…

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Other Services


We can consult with you on how best to integrate your Edge servers with the Cloud.


Every business is different.  We can customize our software to your specific requirements, and we will even create new applications, too.


We are constantly looking to develop new and innovative software, and we are looking for companies to partner with.