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Address Validation System

This application constantly polls your sales orders, verifying the shipping addresses — according to the strict requirements of the United States Postal Service. Most addresses will be automatically improved for you, in terms of abbreviation, capitalization, and zip+4, etc. For those addresses that have a more serious issue, you will be notified of addresses that are either undeliverable or that have some other type of address problem --- such as missing a unit number for a multi-unit complex, even though the street address is otherwise correct.

Catching address problems early will save your company money while improving service for your customers --- cutting out the cost and time of wasteful shipping failures.

Quick Labels

This application creates a customizable packing label. An attractive packing label provides all the information needed for your staff to easily identify this particular sales order.

Since each order is not interchangeable and/or uniform, a Packing label is an easy way for your staff to differentiate one order from another. It also provides the company with a unique opportunity to promote its brand, services, and products --- right on the label.

Ship Note

This application allows the Sales department and Shipping department to easily communicate with each other by Sales Order. In addition, the application will bring up relevant shipping information about the customer, in terms of general instructions and other shipping notes, accumulated over time.

The application is meant to do three basic things: (1) provided to the Shipper relevant shipping information about the customer, including general and ‘special’ instructions; (2) Print out an optional Packing List; and (3) permit two-way, real-time chat communication between Shipping and the Sales department staff.